Why crafting can help with your mental health

Crafting can be seen as a bit drab sometimes a bit knitting with your Nanna but I’m here to say no it’s not at all, It’s cooler than cucumber


There is no doubt about it the pandemic has put a massive strain on our mental health but then on the other hand a year of been on lockdown has fulled passion for people getting crafty and finding new skills to learn.

I think this has helped massively for people keeping their brains active and taking our thoughts away from the bad and filling them with the good.

It’s been proven and said that just engaging in a mindful skill like sewing, embroidery, knitting etc can help us pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, reduces stress all of which can improve our mental health.

Not only does it give you an outlet to focus on but it can also give you an enormous sense of accomplishment which is a great way to give you that boost of encouragement. I mean what’s not better than boosting your self by making something that fits you and shows off that you made it yourself 

I know from personal experiences with mental health over the years sewing has been my go-to stress buster. I find it very therapeutic and something I can zone out on.

From launching Deadstock fabrics I’ve had been able to discover some incredible people through the community I’m building around it.

I popped a little question box on my Instagram asking who had found a passion through lockdown and I had all sorts of answers from chain stitching, knitting to embroidery and weaving 


Sewfunkadelic mastered embroidery and it’s blummin amazing. Becca uses reclaimed fabrics and embroidering on to them inspired by the 60’s ad 70’s - totally up my street and rad!

Check out her Instagram here 

I also discovered Ellie the Welli on Instagram, she mentioned she had a go at weaving during the lockdown and it’s incredible. It honestly looks like Eleanor had been doing it for years. You should defiantly go check her out and she also makes her clothing.

The great thing about learning a new skill is the community and socialising it can bring, picking up tips from others, passing on information to others and generally making new friends - I mean who doesn't want that 

So if you stick to something and persevere it's amazing how quickly you can master it and soothe that brain space for yourself.

Learnt a craft recently or has it helped with your mental health? drop a comment below I’d love to hear.

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