Hey creatives welcome to Deadstock fabrics - I’m here to awaken your inner creative through recycled fabrics, patterns, vintage wares and much much more

Deadstock was born from an idea that I had many moons ago but it has taken until now for it to all fall into place and taking that leap to just do it!

I’m Bridie designer and maker of a clothing business called Born to Thread, I have been sewing and creating for over 15 years now and it’s so frustrating and sad to see so much waste within the fashion and creative industry. Even though I try to be resourceful as possible I see it within my business too.

This is why I decided Deadstock fabrics was perfect to sell offcuts, old tools vintage patterns that I no longer use or have found along the way - my way of giving back and encouraging other people to be creative

But it’s not just about that either I want it to be a cool creative space, a community that comes together to meet other fellow creatives and learn from them. It’s about making people express and feel confident in what they can make.

I believe there is a creative in all of us.

From a dream to a reality, I'm so excited for the future of Deadstock and its plans from fresh one of kind fabrics to a creative vibing community and plans for a stitch' club - the coolest place to hang and awaken your inner creative